This is a $4 Trillion global market that hasn’t changed much in over a 1000 years! Are you good enough to make an impact on the way we prepare future generations of the human race? We are expanding our core team and are actively hiring techies across the spectrum of game development – UI Designers, Game designers/programmers, Java/C# developers, 3D artists, animators, testers, etc. Are you ready for a passion-filled and monstrously rewarding career, that comes with silicon-valley’s “early-employee” payoff AND the opportunity to deliver unprecedented societal impact?! The world of education will be disrupted by technology and is poised to create the next Google or Facebook, according to a growing number of the most insightful and influential minds in technology. “Education, in my view, is next up for fundamental software-based transformation”, says Marc Andreesen. And yes, we know that we are on to something…ask the millions who are using our first game, which we created for the US Department of State to help inform, engage and compel ALL international students to the United States of America! So, you think you are good enough to transform the world?! Perfect…we want to talk to you! Send us your information and we will get back to you.

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